User friendly filters PRO [OCmod]

User friendly filters PRO [OCmod]

This extension adds correct functionality to the filter module.
By default, the filter will show any product that meets any of the selected filter values in any of the filter groups.
The correct way to do it is to select only products that meet any value of any group, where a value is selected. This is a confusing statement so lets talk about an example.

You want to filter flatscreen tv's and you have 3 filtergroups: Screensize, Color, Type of TV.
the values are as follows:
  • 32 inch
  • 42 inch
  • 50 inch

  • Black
  • Silver

    Type of TV:
  • LCD
  • Plasma
  • LED

    Now, if you want to have a 42 or 50 inch tv, you select both 42 and 50 inch, so far, the default module will be fine, but if you also want it to be LED, it should only select the products that are 42 inch AND LED and the products that are 50 inch AND LED. our module does just this and will update the count for the remaining filters accordingly (this wasn't easy).

    This is a must-have mod for your filter module to make it intuitive for your customers and optimally use the filter system!

    Added functionalities for the PRO version:

    Fully customizable for each language without creating language files. Default language is English, any other installed language can be set through the filter module in Admin. English text can be changed as well.

    New functions
  • Choose to show product count for each filter option
  • Mobile mode (collapses all filter groups into the title for optimal use of mobile viewport, hides module for bigger viewports)
  • Collapse filter groups, choose from 3 options:
    1. No collapse
    2. Collapse after first 5 filters (to limited very long lists)
    3. Collapse all (only shows filter group title initially, expands all filters on click)

  • Choose to show a reset button to easily un-select all filters
  • Display manufacturers as filter
  • Display price filter, choose from 3 options:
    1. Price slider (double slider from - to)
    2. Range select (checkboxes with a price range each)
    3. Free entry (from and to box)

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