Add Downloads Automatically

Add Downloads Automatically

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What does it do:
This ocmod add insertion to the download system folder via FTP. No any PHP memory_limit errors!!
Instead of manually uploading downloads one-by-one, you can simply upload them all via FTP to your "download" folder and they will insert automatically when you load the Admin->Catalog->Download page.
It uses the name of the file as the display name. It will append a random unique id to the actual file to prevent filename guessing.

All extension types you can change in "Admin->System->Settings->Server - Uploads - Allowed File Extensions".

Main features:
* Files are Dynamically loaded! No action required to get the downloads inserted. Simply upload files to the download folder and they are there!
* Upload any size files to FTP, no php memory limits to worry about.
* Files are refreshed whenever the downloads are called at the model level, this means anytime you load the Admin->Catalog->Download page or Admin->Catalog-Product insert/edit page.
* Adds the unique id to the end of file names after insertion to keep normal download security

What customers say about Add Downloads Automatically

Great little plugin that does exactly what it's intended to do. Developer offers amazing and fast support.


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