Quotation System, Ask For Quote, Get Quote

Quotation System, Ask For Quote, Get Quote

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    Its a common case that customer / client needs a quote / quotation before actually placing an order.
    This plugin integrates Quotation System in Opencart.
    Following are the features.
    Customer can add products to quote list and generate quote without paying.
    He gets an email of quote.
    Also History of Quotes and Details is also saved in his account.
    Admin can view Quote.
    Admin can edit and apply discount on quote .
    Email will be sent to user with discounted rate.
    User can see pay now link in email.
    User can convert Quote to order and pay .

In case of any issue you can directly email at support@iextendlabs.com

Update :
Convert Quote to Order button added in My Account > Quotation history > quote info
Update 2.0
Big update with following new features
1. Admin can edit Quote and apply discount
2. User will get email after discounted rate is added by admin.
3. User can pay for Quote and convert it into Order with discounted rate.
4. Multi Language Support.
5. You can edit texts through language files.

If you are using third party theme or extensions. There is a chance it may not work correctly. In that case you can get a refund Immediately from Opencart, we have some internal issues at the moment and cannot provide support for third party themes.

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Is not free
I want refund the money asap. I am trying to follow up from last 1 week but still i have not received any refund. As per opencart clause, they will refund if it'll not work but i am still waiting since last 1 week..

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