OpenCart Duplicate Page Remover

OpenCart Duplicate Page Remover
Duplicate Page Remover is a XML extension created by CartLabs, which overrides the OpenCart’s core linking structure and always creates link to only the canonical version of the product page from all listing modules, without compromising the core design and flexibility of multiple location listing capabilities.

Opencart’s core structure generates many duplicate copies of product pages through dynamic listing of products through category, manufacturer, tag, sort, list and pagination options. Read article How many duplicate product pages your store generates to understand the problem.

How Many Duplicate Pages Your Store Has?

Let us do a simple math of how many duplicate pages will be generated for a single product mapped to just one category.

Static Listing Module (A) = 2 (Category, Manufacturer)
Dynamic Listing Module Sort (B) = 8 (Name, Price, Model, Rating) (Ascending/Descending)
Dynamic Listing Module Limit (C) = 4 ( Show 25, Show 50 , Show 75, Show 100)
Total No of Duplicate Product Pages (A x B x C) = 2 x 8 x 4 = 64

If your store has 1000 products, Google need to crawl 64000 pages unnecessarily. You need to eliminate the creation of such dynamically generated ghost versions of product pages. Our XML coded extension just do this for you.

What Duplicate Page Remover Does?

DPR changes the linking structure and links from all over the store will point to original Product Page. Crawlers will be able to access just one copy of the product page.

Before DPR URLs look like below (Original & Canonical Version)

After DPR activated links from all pages to just one URL (Original & Canonical Version)

How Duplicate Page Remover Works?

Duplicate Page Remover overrides the OpenCart’s core linking structure and eliminate the dynamic product page url creation from all listing modules. Links from all over the site will lead to one unique product page ( which is the canonical and original version. As a result search crawlers get to know only one page for each product. This effect would greatly increase your site climbing up in organic search results as there are no more duplication of contents.

DPR Code:

Easy To Install & Uninstall: DPR is a XML coded module can be easily installed or uninstalled by any opencart user without any technical skills through VQMOD/OCMOD front end tools
Core Files Not Modified: No changes required to Core files & Database tables which let your Store’s monetary data remains isolated from the module.

On-The-Fly Installation: Can be installed within seconds and neither downtime nor data backup required.

How To Install Duplicate Page Remover?

Upload the xml file by VQMOD Manager or simply upload to /vqmod/xml folder.

Live Demos

Login to demo store (OC 1.4X), enable or disable the DPR Module through VQMOD Manager and see the results in store front. With DPR active, all links in the listing will open only one copy of the original product page (

Login: demo
password: demo

Login to demo store OC 2.X , enable or disable the DPR Module through extension installer
(Admin–>Extensions–>Modification) and see the results in the store front. With DPR active, all links in the listing will open only one copy of the original product page (

Login: demo
password: demo

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