Feed Manager (Facebook & Google feeds - 3 feeds)

Feed Manager (Facebook & Google feeds - 3 feeds)
This extension provides Google and Facebook product feeds. It's the only extension, which also provides product feed for dynamic remarketing via Analytics, which is currently the only way to have dynamic remarketing in countries, that are not supported by the Google Merchant Center. It supports product feeds for Google Merchant Center, Google Business Data and the new Facebook product catalog.
All feeds can be found in Extensions→Feeds, additional settings for Google merchant center can be found in Catalog→Categories [edit] (data) tab for google's taxonomy setup and in Catalog-Products→Products [edit] (Google Merchant Center) tab for apparel and colors.
If you want to use the facebook product feed, it is recommend set in all your categories the corresponding google category taxonomy. Without google's taxonomy, facebook will complain about missing categories, but the feed will work, so it's only optional.
This extension supports feed creation for super large shops, where the product feed size can reach multiple GB (google merchant center supports 4GB and facebook 8GB).
You can set a cron job, to create a product feed file instead of loading the feed directly, this is optional, but I recommend it for very slow and large shops.

Feed Manager - demo page

Feed Manager - admin page
User: demo
Password: demo


  • Google Merchant Center product feed
  • Google Business Data product feed – adwords/analytics
  • Facebook product catalog feed
  • Google category taxonomy for Merchant Center and Facebook
  • simple installation, via ocmod/vqmod, no files will be overwritten
  • 3 new database tables for google's category taxonomy
  • multi store
  • multi currency
  • multi language
  • support for super large shops
  • optional faster mode
  • alternatively the feed can be saved to a file

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The extension should work with all themes, but if something, you can write me: infiniasystems @ gmail.com

Version 3.3:

  • save to a file feature redirects to the feed (instead of showing the file location)
  • option to include only selected categories in the feed
  • image cache refresh can be disabled - hugely increases speed
  • other improvements and bugfixes

Version 3.3.1:

  • improved remove of control characters in the feed
  • improved google taxonomy categories in the feed
  • other improvements and bugfixes

Version 3.4:

  • csv/xml feed file location changed to root oc1 & oc2
  • modified xml header for chrome web browser
  • improved image cache with a new option
  • improved database access in the feeds
  • new settings for 0 quantity and disabled products
  • removed meta description setting (meta description is used if available)
  • other improvements and bugfixes

Version 3.4.1:

  • added an option to select description source
  • improved multi store support
  • multiple product types are now separated by comma
  • other improvements and bugfixes

If you are using cron jobs for feed updates, please update the url you use in Facebook and Google, so it reflex the new feed file location.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


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