Feed Manager Pro (Customizable Product Feeds)

Feed Manager Pro (Customizable Product Feeds)
Adds fully customizable universal feeds for every need, and also separate Google/Bing Merchant feed, Adwords feed, and Facebook feed with support for very large stores.
Export products to any platform, marketplace, price comparison, search engine or social network. Use the Google/Facebook shopping features and export products for dynamic ads (requires Facebook/Adwords tags).

  • Export products to any platform (supports creating your own feeds)
  • Custom universal feeds (any feed with downloadable free templates)
  • Exports products, manufactures, categories and carriers.
  • Google/Bing Merchant Center feed for ads & shopping (xml)
  • Google Adwords Business Data feed – adwords/analytics (csv)
  • Facebook product catalog feed for ads & shopping (xml)
  • Products can be filtered by keywords, categories, manufactures and product IDs
  • Supports Google category taxonomy
  • Adds automated language, currency & option selection via product urls
  • Feeds are created on the fly (cron jobs not needed)
  • Feeds can be saved to your server (bypasses server limitations)
  • Supports very large shops (any amount of products)
  • Multi store, currency, language and options
  • Easy Google & Facebook setup
  • Simple installation, via ocmod/vqmod, no files will be overwritten
  • Free support

Demo admin:
User: demo
Password: demo

Facebook/Google setup tutorial:

Example feeds:
Google Merchant (Bing, Twenga...):
Example custom feeds (more feeds can be added by request for free):
If you need all marketing features (all product feeds and scripts):

For dynamic tags/scripts only:

If you want to increase sales with nice looking discount/special image tags, check this extension:

If you have problems or questions, contact me via the "GET SUPPORT" button on this page.
Version 5.0.0:
  • new custom feeds
  • improved datetime format
  • improved save to file feature
  • other improvements and bugfixes
Version 5.0.1:
  • added product range URL parameter
  • added use_age_group & use_gender URL parameter
  • added merchant center shipping calculations
  • performance improvements
  • other improvements and bugfixes
Version 5.0.2:
  • added GZIP compression
  • improved settings
  • added custom feed config file
  • added new custom feed URL parameters
  • improved option/attributes system in the custom feed
  • other improvements and bugfixes
  • fix for possible missing ending tags in the custom feed
Version 5.1.0:
  • added new custom keywords (calculate, round/precision, additional_image_index, custom_category_name, custom_category_id)
  • added custom category (custom feed re-install required)
  • simplified custom feed lists
  • added feed templates download button
  • other improvements and bugfixes
Version 5.1.1:
  • added customer_group url parameter
  • other improvements and bugfixes
Version 5.1.2:
  • added cache control header
  • added multi language/currency support in a single feed (custom feeds)
  • added new replace keywords (custom feeds)
  • other improvements and bugfixes
Version 5.1.3:
  • added &include_free URL parameter to enable/disable products with 0 price
  • other minor improvements and bugfixes
Version 5.1.4
  • added price range URL parameter
  • added rating/reviews to custom feeds
  • added support for option images modules
  • improved support for external modules
  • other minor improvements and bugfixes
Version 5.2.0
  • added gtin source setting
  • improved language support
  • other improvements and bugfixes
Version 5.2.1
  • added product filters to custom feeds
  • added related products to custom feeds
  • improved language support
  • other improvements and bugfixes
Version 5.3.0
  • added availability date to Merchant Center & Custom feeds
  • fixed filters in the Custom feed
  • fixed related product urls in the Custom feed
  • removed gzip compression from Adwords feed (not supported by Google)

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  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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