Marketing Partner Pro: SalesPerson Management Commission Reports

Marketing Partner Pro: SalesPerson Management Commission Reports
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Unlock the Power of Collaboration with Marketing Partner Pro - Your All-in-One Opencart Extension for Managing Salesperson, Agents, Consultants, Affiliates, Influencers, and Collaborators.

Are you ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level? Marketing Partner Pro is here to revolutionize your approach. This versatile extension empowers you to effortlessly create and manage accounts for your sales agents, consultants, affiliates, influencers, and collaborators. Tailor your commission structures, track performance, and generate insightful reports – all in one dynamic platform.

Latest Update
- Code enhancements for improved performance.
- Expanded control options in settings.
- Introducing payout reports for better financial management.
- Enhanced transaction page for streamlined payouts.

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Admin Side Controls
Demo Link: Click Here

Demo Credentials:
Username: admin
Password: admin

Empower Your SalesPerson:
Give your partners the freedom to access their own dashboard, allowing them to monitor their orders and commissions. This feature is optional but can be a game-changer for your collaborative marketing efforts.

SalesPerson Credentials For Dashboard Login
On the demo link page above, you'll find different partner credentials. Each partner account is granted access solely to its own orders and customers, ensuring privacy and security.

Key Features:

Salesperson Setup / Commission
- Create an unlimited number of accounts.
- Set up commissions based on various parameters, including order total, product categories, and specific products.
- Establish distinct commissions for different accounts.
- Implement a multi-level commission structure, benefiting child, parent, and master parent accounts.

Effortless Order Generation by Partner Accounts:

Orders can be generated in three ways:

- Via Unique Link: Salesperson can share unique links on various platforms, automatically assigning orders and commissions.
- Manual Selection by Customers: Customers can manually select a partner during checkout or registration.
- Backend Partner Selection: Admins have full control to select salesperson during order creation or editing.

Transactions Report
- Easily view all transactions generated by salesperson's accounts.
- Track total earnings and commissions by a salesperson within specified date ranges.
- Access detailed commission calculation summaries for each order.

Streamlined Payouts:
- Distinguish between paid and unpaid commissions with customizable color-coding.
- Use filters to efficiently process payouts, whether for individual orders or in bulk.

Customer Report
- Gain insights into customers generated by your partners, valuable for rewarding partner-driven signups.
- Utilize date range filters for precise analysis.

Payout Reports
- Maintain a record of past payouts, complete with transaction details and proof of payment.

Account Controls
- Alert Emails: Receive order placement alerts via email.
- Status Settings: Choose to display partners for manual selection during checkout or registration.
- User Connectivity: Provide login access through the admin panel.
- Commission Configuration: Set default commissions for self, parent, and master parent accounts.
- Unique Codes: Append unique partner codes to shared links for automatic order attribution.
- Catalog Commissions: Assign varying commissions for different products and categories.

Dashboard Access
- Optionally grant salespeople access to their dashboard, with user group permission controls.
- Allow salespeople to view their orders, customers, and previous payouts.
Extend additional permissions for backend order creation.

Multi Level Account
- Support up to three-layer account structures, enabling commissions across all levels.
- Parent accounts can oversee their child's orders, transactions, and customers.

Commission For Different Products/Categories
- Create distinct catalogs and assign commissions based on catalog criteria.
- Enjoy flexibility in commission assignments, tailored to single products, groups, categories, or your entire store.

- Built with Ocmod; no core files are altered.
- Free installation assistance is available.
- Install instructions are available in the documentation tab and zip.
- Money-back guarantee.

Helpful for
The extension is helpful for store owners who:
- If you have salespersons/agents/consultants who book orders for you.
- If you have affiliates who share links on WhatsApp / Facebook / Social media.
- If you are collaborating with partners/influencers. They can share unique links and earn a commission.
- If you have users who want to book an order on your website backend and earn a commission.

Extension is compatible with
- The extension is designed to work with different themes.
- We offer free support for one-page checkout.
- The extension is compatible with Customized One Page Order Entry Extension. So agents can book customized orders directly via the Backend.

Explore detailed help guides in our documentation section.
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Great extension, very polite and helpful!
i strongly advice you choose this extension, when considering to purshase
Working with the folks at Cartbinder was a pleasure from the very beginning, right before made the decision to purchase the extension all the way to installation and making sure that everything worked according to specs.


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