Email Verification - Activate New Registered Account by Email

Email Verification - Activate New Registered Account by Email

Allow customers to activate their new accounts by email. EmailVerification adds a new layer of security to your site by preventing bots from registering multiple accounts on your site. Once a user creates an account on your OpenCart website, the system automatically emails them a verification link to confirm that this is indeed their account. If the user does not click the link, they will not be able to login to their account.

✯ Send welcome email after successful verification
✯ Send verification link when admin creates account
✯ If the customer is creating account during checkout and the module is enabled we redirect him to account/success. This is done by the example of OpenCart for the approval of customers logic.
✯ Integrates great with OpenCart group users
✯ Unverified customers can resend a verification link to the email they have registered with
✯ Customize emails using a rich text editor
✯ Multi-lingual
✯ Multi-store
✯ Clean and crisp architecture. No core files overwritten.
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