MultiSeller MultiVendor ( OCMOD ) Full Version

MultiSeller MultiVendor ( OCMOD ) Full Version
What is MultiSeller?

It is an OpenCart extension to make your stores Multi Seller.It is allow your customers to request seller accounts in your store and add products through a frontend seller account.


★ Register seller account from frontend.
★ Login seller account from frontend after approval.
★ Seller can add products from frontend and can edit , copy , view , delete only their products.
★ All products and orders from all vendors are visible for admin .
★ Seller can see only his products and orders.
★ Add unlimited vendors details avatar social media etc....
★ Different folder for every seller for images.
★ Seller profile page and products by vendor.
★ Every seller registration , product approval option from admin.
★ Admin can add unlimited seller group with product limit , commission , subscribe price and subscription duration.
★ Allow different commission each seller group (fixed rate, percentage).
★ Admin can add unlimited seller badge.
★ Admin can add unlimited bank.
★ Admin can add/assign product to seller from backend.
★ Admin can modify seller info from backend.
★ Allow store admin to approve/reject account signup or product submitted before available to store front.
★ Allow option to print store or vendor address at invoice.
★ Seller transactions record.
★ Admin can assign set of categories to a specific seller group or a specific seller.
★ Seller feedback.
★ Seller list.
(NEW) ★ Admin can hide or certain tabs and fields in adding product.
(NEW) ★ Custom Shipping
(NEW) ★ Changing status of order by seller

contact seller

How to contribute

Fork the repository at , edit and submit a pull request.

Please be very clear on your commit messages and pull request, empty pull request messages may be rejected without reason.

admin ( demo/demo)

Support & Feature Requests

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