SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEO Module for Opencart lets you increase your SEO of your shop. Indeed, whatever if you have ten or thousands of products, with the Auto Fill SEO Module for Opencart you can
automatically fill the different seo fields to be in the top of the Search Engine search results.

Here are the fields filled automatically by the module:

This plugin need meta_title support,
Opencart itself without the fields,
Now has integrated in the installation package

[] the contents, with "|" said, the random,
{product_name} {category_name}..., it will automatically product name or category name

[shop by|cheap|discount] {product_name} in {category_name} on sale

May produce:
shop by product 1 in categroy 1 on sale
cheap product 1 in cateogry 1 on sale
OR discount ....

mass update:
Category Meta title
Categoy Meta keyword
Category Meta Description
Link Rewrite

You can fill these tags through a number of criteria such as the name product, the name of the parent category, the manufacturer's name, the reference product, a custom text
fields attributes products, and more more ...

Thanks to all of its tags so you can appear more easily in search engines results. Even the picture will be save. Your content is indexed according to its relevance and you
appear more easily on the appropriate requests of users.
if you have any questions please


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