Free Gift Products Based On Product / Category Added

Free Gift Products Based On Product / Category Added

The extension is designed to offer free gift product(s) based on the addition of certain products or products from certain categories. You can set different gift products for different catalogs.

It also supports auto-add functionality to add the free gift once the respective product is added. So the customer can see the gift directly in the cart.

- Supports Multi Store
- Support Date Range
- Supports Customer Group Based

Admin Demo

Admin URL

Username: freegiftcatalog
Password: freegiftcatalog

Extension Path: Admin - Extension - Modules - Free Gift Based On Product / Category

Store Front Testing

- Go to the Store Front Testing
- We have different free gift offers running below:

Free Gift Is Auto Added

- Buy any products from the Laptop category and get free gift( Auto add enabled )
- Buy any products from the Phone category and get free gift( Auto add enabled )

Choose your own gift from set of gifts

- Buy any products from the Camera category and select your gift from the cart page.( Choose your own gift )

*Auto add enabled: Gift will be auto-added to the cart if your cart condition is successful.

Choose your own gift: You can choose your own gifts from the shopping cart page. The message is displayed on the checkout & cart page if you are eligible for a discount.

How it works ?

If you are looking to provide free gift products to your customers this is the correct extension for you.

Step 1 : Adding gift products

1) Like normal products, we have gift products.
2) Gift products are special products not directly available for sale.
3) On the product edit page, you must mark the product as a gift.

Step 2 : Creating the offer

1) You can create an offer in 2 minutes.
2) Just select the products which must be added by the customer so that they can get their free gift product.
3) You can also select a complete category, so any product from that category can be added to enable free gift products.
4) You can select the number of gift products that can be bought by the customer.

Step 3 : We are ready to test now

1) Now you can go to the front end.
2) Add the desired products to the cart and you will be able to select your gift products.
3) A customer has options to select if there is more then one gift.
4) Now we display messages on the shopping cart and checkout page.
5) So no customer would miss the offer. It's 100% best.

Offer Page Creator Extension

This extension comes free with this extension. The extension is worth $35. You can check details here Offer Page Creator Extension.

Offer page creator provides you with stand-alone offer pages to display which helps you in SEO for page ranking. As your offer pages also get ranked on the search results.

Will the extension work on my theme ?

Yes, it will work on all themes.
We provide support to work with all themes.
You can create a support ticket from the module setting page.
And our developer shall resolve it for you soon.

Are any core files changed?

No core files are changed.
Uses ocmod / vqmod.
Free installation is available.
License for a single domain.

- Free installation is available.

Create a support ticket for further assistance:
Ticket: Create support ticket on cartbinder

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