Modal Window 2x - Information & Agreement Pop-up window

Modal Window 2x - Information & Agreement Pop-up window
Need to display a pop-up Confirmation window to access the site?
Or inform visitors about some important event?

Modal Window 2x - easy way to create Popup Window in Opencart 2.0


Modal Window 2x module allows you to create two types of popup windows:
Confirmation / Agreement - the window is not closed until the user does not accept the conditions (or reject them - then he will be redirected to the specified link)

Information - to inform visitors about some event, such as changing in work schedule, office relocation, and so on (this window closes by button, by clicking outside the window, by ESC key)

The window is displayed on all pages and uses the built-in Opencart 2.x Bootstrap

There are three modes display window:
Cookie - window will be shown one time, before the expiry of the cookie.
Session Cookie - a window will be shown with each new session (session cleared when close browser)
Test mode - for debugging, the window will be displayed permanently (also reset cookies and session)

There is a choice of window styles, you can change styles to your design in file modalwindow.css

✯ Window type selection - Information window or Confirmation(Agreement) window
✯ Work mode selection - Cookie, Session Cookie or Test mode
✯ Window style selection
✯ Responsive images in window
✯ Multilanguage support
✯ HTML support*
✯ Easy install

✯ Compatibility with Opencart 2.x
✯ Does not change core files
✯ Does not create new fields or tables in DB
✯ Uses OCMOD & Bootstrap

*Important Note
Supported next HTML-tags: <a><p><br><span><h1><h2><h3><h4><h5><h6><img>
** Tag <a> (links) supported only in window "Information" type

All other tags will be ignored!

1. Upload archive for your Opencart version in Extensions > Extension Installer *
2. Refresh the modifications cache in Extensions > Modifications
3. Add permission for module/modalwindow in System > Users > User Groups
4. Install & configure "Modal Window 2x" module in Extensions > Modules
5. Enjoy!

* If you don't set up FTP to upload archives in Extension Installer - just use this patch



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