MicrodataPro 7.8 schema.org (microdata/ld+json)

MicrodataPro 7.8 schema.org (microdata/ld+json)
The module for all versions of Opencart (1.x - 2.x - 3.x)!

More info: http://microdata.pro (RU)

The module allows you to make beautiful microdata snippet in the search results. What at times increases the click through and as a result - sales .
The module uses the new format microdata application/ld + json and more conservative microdata that allow "like" all search engines (such as mark - you can choose in the admin ) .
With this layout we give search engines structured information about the page. Whether it is a category, brand, product, article, and others.

Why markup microdata?

-With her beautiful and expressive forms in search results snippet that attracts the attention of potential visitors, and the chance that it will go to your site increases significantly. It is proved! And if visitors to the site - it is half way to a successful sale.
-All that leads to microdata become obligatory for all the top sites. Yes, and all is well indexed websites have top layout.
-Format application/ld + json newest and most advanced in the microdata world, and comparing it with the possibility of competitors, we can safely say that they can pass more information to maximize the search robot. And the result - your site will be better indexed and indirect rise in the rankings.

The module I have made the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted from an online store in a search engine. Any similar modules are reduced to what they already use the old exhaust formats without settings , and transfer only the basic parameters . In my same module , we give everything, even the characteristics of the goods! The module can be flexibly adjusted from the admin.

The module is suitable for all template. It does not require vqmod. Suitable even for heavily modified because stores it is independent. To install simply download the contents of the archive server. To activate and configure the modules need to go in - Microdata (json-ld + microdata).
The license is issued for one domain with the ability to activate the test domain . All this is done in semi-automatic mode of the admin module.

How to check miсrodata?

Demo information:


-Bread crumbs on the category pages, Products, Information, Producers
--- Link (url)
--- Company name (name)
--- Email (email)
--- Logo (logo)
--- The Group's social services. networks (sameAs)
--- Location (address: addressLocality, postalCode, streetAddress)
--- Contacts (contactPoint)
-Site search
--- Link (url)
--- Product category (category)
--- Image (image)
--- Model (model)
--- Description (description)
--- Name (name)
--- Manufacturer (brand [Thing], manufacturer [Organization])
--- Ratings and the number of comments (aggregateRating: ratingValue, reviewCount)
--- Availability of goods (availability)
--- Price (price)
--- Currency rates (priceCurrency)
--- Reviews (review: datePublished, description, author, reviewRating)
--- Related products (isRelatedTo: image, url, name, price, priceCurrency)
--- Attributes - Characteristics (additionalProperty: name, value)
--- Link (url)
--- Description (description)
--- The number of items (numberOfItems)
--- Name (itemListElement: image, url, name, description, price, priceCurrency)
--- Link (url)
--- Description (description)
--- The number of items (numberOfItems)
--- Name (itemListElement: image, url, name, description, price, priceCurrency)
-Information Pages
--- Article title (headline, name)
--- Date and editing (datePublished, dateModified)
--- The text of Article (description)
--- Link (mainEntityOfPage)
--- Image (image: url, width, height)
--- Author of the article (author, publisher: name, logo)

What the user gets with the purchase?

-All the advantages and broad functionality of the module :-)
-Operational support , directly from the admin area of your site !
-notified the new version with free updates!

The module actively developed and is waiting for proposals on its improvement . Anyone who has bought a unit respectively receive updates for free!

If you liked the module , comments, suggestions and put rating, thank you for your purchase! ;-)

More info: info@microdata.pro

What customers say about MicrodataPro 7.8 schema.org (microdata/ld+json)

This is is the best Structure Data extension for OpenCart, people who are not using this wasting their time.


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