Seo Keyword

Seo Keyword
Seo Keyword is the solution for adding and editing seo-friendly urls for static pages of your online store.
For example change the link "" to "".

Main advantages:
  • easy installation (ocmod/vqmod)
  • do not overwrite any master files
  • remove long home page URL "/index.php?route=common/home"
  • seo-friendly URLs editor
Attention! For correctly work the module you need to set correctly work the standard seo-friendly URLs for the categories, products and information pages.
To enable the seo-friendly URLs follow steps:
  1. Login to your opencart admin panel and navigate to "System > Settings > Default Store > Edit"
  2. On the "Server" tab, set "Use SEO URL’s" to "Yes" and save the changes
  3. Connect to your server via FTP using any FTP client (e.g. FileZilla)
  4. In your main opencart directory, there should be a file called ".htaccess.txt". Rename it to ".htaccess"
  5. In admin panel navigate to "Catalog > Information > Information Page (choose any from list) > Edit"
  6. On the "Data" tab, set "SEO URL" and save the changes
  7. Open the seo-friendly URL that you added (
If after this seo-friendly URLs don't work, most often a problem in the following:
  • settings in your ".htaccess" file does not match the settings of your web hosting (often through this problem the site stops working after rename file ".htaccess" and you need to contact your hosting provider for help)
  • your ".htaccess" file was previously changed or empty (download archive with the default store of your version opencart and compare your ".htaccess" and the default ".htaccess" file)
This module does not include the following features:
  • creating and editing seo-friendly URLs for products, categories and information pages (this can be done at edit page item)
  • redirect URLs from the old to the new (long URLs continue to work if we open them)
  • replace the URLs to the seo-friendly URLs that were added to the html code your site template or through text editor in the admin panel (change only the URLs generated by the system through a php function)
  • different URLs for different languages


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