Opencart Aliexpress Dropship / DropShipper

Opencart Aliexpress Dropship / DropShipper
Opencart Aliexpress Dropship / DropShipper- Dropship is where the store owner does not keep the products stocked in its store. Instead, all the products are stored in different warehouses across the region. So when a customer places an order, the product is directly shipped from the nearest warehouse instead of the store. The admin can add multiple warehouses for a product with the quantity.
The admin will also be able to import products from the AliExpress into his store and can start selling those products within his own store very easily. To place the orders at AliExpress the admin just needs to click a single button and then make the payment as we have automated the order process for the AliExpress orders.

You can check the Opencart Dropship Management Demo-DEMO

Note: 1. If you are using an updated version of the AliExpress Chrome extension then you must have installed the latest version of the OpenCart AliExpress Dropship Management module for the proper functioning and vice-versa.

2. Please make sure store URL must be https(SSL enabled) to import products from AliExpress.


  • Import products from AliExpress to your selected store.
  • The admin can also import product with options.
  • Edit product information on AliExpress website before importing to Opencart store.
  • The admin can update the store information and token key.
  • Enable the AliExpress products automatically or based on the configuration.
  • View all AliExpress Orders in a separate section.
  • View the Seller Information after product import from AliExpress.
  • Automated Order Process for the AliExpress Orders.
  • The admin can create different pricing rules for different channels like – Manual and AliExpress.
  • The admin can manage the warehouses.
  • The admin will be able to add multiple warehouses.
  • Filter warehouses using the filter types.
  • Admin can assign multiple products to warehouses.
  • Assign same product to multiple warehouses of the same supplier(Warehouse Manager).
  • The admin can approve/disapprove warehouse products and can see the list of warehouse product with the warehouse product quantity.
  • View the warehouse income and see the payout button to make the payout to the warehouse managers.
  • Warehouse transaction log for all the payouts for the warehouse managers.
  • Warehouse managers have a separate login.
  • Warehouse managers can add products from their own end.
  • Warehouse Managers can see their warehouse product.
  • The warehouse managers can see their warehouse orders.
  • The buyers can select products from different warehouses in the same order.
  • Easy to manage Store.
  • Increase store Efficiency.

You can read the Document for Opencart Dropship Management- User Guide

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