Hide Voucher Numbers And/Or Coupon Codes

Hide Voucher Numbers And/Or Coupon Codes
What does it do:
The default opencart functionality displays coupon codes and voucher numbers on the following screens

  • View/Print Invoices
  • Checkout screen (last step)

This VQMOD plugin now gives you more fine-grained control over whether to display voucher numbers and/or coupon codes on the above screens

This plugin adds the following settings to the default store configuration (System -> Settings -> Default Store -> Edit -> Option tab):

  • Hide Voucher Numbers On Invoices (radio button)
  • Hide Coupon Codes On Invoices (radio button)
  • Hide Voucher Numbers On Checkout (radio button)
  • Hide Coupon Codes On Checkout (radio button)

By enabling the above settings the following is customised:

  • Admin section - printing invoices
  • Public section - email confirmation.
  • Public section - view order history
  • Public section - last step of the checkout screen

It's recommended to install VQMod Manager to enable or disable the extension.

How to install it:

  • Unzip and upload the "vqmod" folder to the root of your OpenCart install. No files are overwritten and it's required to have vqmod installed.
  • Make sure you explicitly re-save with the default store settings to ensure that the options above are registered properly
  • If running opencart 2.x.x.x and the settings above do not appear, you may need to flush the modification cache

Supported OpenCart Versions:

  • - Compatible with Opencart v1.5.x.x
  • - Compatible with Opencart v2.x.x.x



  • Developed by OpenCart Partner
  • Documentation Included


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3 Jan 2016

3 Jan 2016
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