Product Extra Field

Product Extra Field
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Where and Why product extra field is Use Full ?

1) If You want to describe the product detail : It’s always better for your product’s name to fully describe the item so that the customer knows exactly what it is, what it does or what it’s used for. so use product extra field .

2) If You want to heighlite Special Offers : Use product extra field and display Special Offers label Under Products name. see demo for more idea.

DESCRIPTION(product extra field )
Easy To Install.
1. VQMod(Virtual-Quick Mod) is required.

If you don't have vQMod install in your OpenCart site than download from here
"" and install it.

2.Extract downloaded zip file and upload content from folder into your root directory where your opencart is installed.

There are is folder Please Take Note of this
-> vqmod/xml/product_name_extra_describe.xml

product extra field Will not overwrite any core files due to vqmode use.

product extra field IN ADMIN
1. Login into your administrator dashboard.

2. Go to Catalog / Product (In Product -> data tab , You can see Additional Product Field Editor Under Product Name Field ).

With the help of Editor you can applay css to product extra field.

product extra field Front Site. (Website View)
1) product extra field in Catgory Page (Product Listing page).
2) product extra field in Product Info Page.
3) product extra field in Manufacturer/Brand Page.
4) product extra field in Special Products Page.
5) product extra field in Latest Products Page.
6) product extra field in Featured Products Page.
7) product extra field in Comaperison Products Page.
8) product extra field in Search Products Page.

- This module is compatible with Opencart Version 1.5.4 to ,,,,, ,,,, , ,

Note : This module perfectly worked in default opencart. If you found any deficulty in custom template you can contact me on

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Compatibility,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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