Tmd Product import export Multilanguage ( 2.x , 3.x & 4.x)

Tmd Product  import  export Multilanguage ( 2.x , 3.x & 4.x)
What Is TMD OpenCart Product Import And Export Multilanguage Extension (1.5.x , 2.x , 3.x & 4.x)?

Streamline Your OpenCart Product Management with TMD OpenCart Import Export product: The Ultimate Solution for Effortless Product Management. 

This powerful tool provides a user-friendly interface that makes product management a breeze. You can easily customize your product information, including product images, descriptions, prices, and more, all in one place.

Advanced Filter System - Export Product With Ease

Our extension comes with an advanced filter system that enables sellers to export only the products they need based on specific criteria. This feature saves time and ensures that the administrator export only the required product list. 

It means administrator can filter out products by product name, price range, qunatity, model, stock, category, has producy image, and more. This feature is particularly useful in large inventory and advanced product export needs or want to export only a specific subset of products.

Steps To export the products from OpenCart

1. Navigate to TMD export menu.
2. Select the store  from which you want export the product.
3. Select the product language. You can select one specific catgeory or export the product from all category.
4. Select all products or type the initial of products. Matching product name will be added to into export list. 
5. There are serval filter present. These are price, quantity, model, stock, has main imge.  
6. Enter the number of products to export or just select all. 
7. Select exported file format: CSV, XML, XLS, XLSX.
8. Press the export button. Product exported file will be downloaded on your device.

EXPORT BY LIMIT (if your server have limited memory you can use this option its help a lot)

Admin can download product list information in language specific using language selection filter. Select English or Arabic language in the Language field of the filter and click the export button to download the file

Import New or Update Existing Products - Streamline Your Inventory Management Process

This feature comes in handy when importing a large number of products, saving you precious time and effort. Additionally, by updating existing products with accurate information, you can provide customers with a better shopping experience. Effortlessly add new products or update existing ones with fresh information, ensuring your website is always up to date using Opencart import product extension..

Procedure to import the products in OpenCart

1. Select the store in which you want to import the products
2. Select the language of product 
3. Import By: Model or Product id. (both supported by module)
4. File format: CSV, XML, XLS, XLSX  
5. Custom fields: if your products has custom fields, Please select theme. 
6. Select import file 
7. Press the import button.

Note: All the products information will be updated into store. If model name, or product id matched with existing products then those product information will also updated. And new products will be added automatically. Data will mapped to custom fields too according to their name.

Supported Fields List for Product Import and Export 

→ PRODUCT ID (if you are going to add a new product leave this empty and chose option upload by product id)
→ Language
→ Stores
→ Stores id (if you did not want put store name you can use id also multiple (0;1;2 etc))
→ MODEL (if you want unique by the model you can choose option upload by product model)
→ ISBN MPN Location
→ Product Name
→ Meta Tag Description
→ Meta Tag Keywords
→ Description
→ Product Tags
→ Price
→ Quantity
→ Minimum
→ Quantity
→ Subtract
→ Stock (1=YES 0= NO)
→ Out Of Stock Status (5=Out Of Stock, 8=Pre-Order, In Stock=7, 6=2 - 3 Days)
→ Requires Shipping (1=YES 0= NO)
→ SEO Keyword (Must Unique)
→ Image(Main image)
→ Date Available
→ Length Class (1=Centimeter, 3=Inch, 2=Millimeter)
→ Length
→ Width
→ height
→ Weight
→ Weight Class (1=Kilogram,2=Gram,6=Ounce,Pound=5)
→ Status (1=Enabled, 2= Disabled)
→ Sort Order
→ Manufacturer id
→ Manufacturer
→ Categories id
→ Categories (category>subcategory; category1>subcategory1; )
→ Related Product ID (you can use product id of link (10;12;13))
→ Related Products (if you did not know id you can use the product model)
→ Option: (option1::value1-qty-Subtract Stock-Price-Points-Weight-sort_order,value2-qty-Subtract Stock-Price-Points-Weight-sort_order;option2::value1-qty-Subtract Stock-Price-Points-Weight-sort_order,value2-qty-Subtract Stock-Price-Points-Weight-sort_order;)
→ Images (foldername=image1;foldername=image2;image3)
→ Product Special price:(customer_group_id:start date:end date: special price )
→ Tax Class (None=0, Taxable Goods=9, Downloadable Products=10) Rest you can make and put that ID
→ Filter Group Name (Group Name: Sort order; Group Name: Sort order)
→ Filter names (group name=name:sort order;group name=name:sort order)
→ Attributes (Attribute group name:sort order=attribute name-value-sort order;Attribute group name:sort order=attribute name-value-sort order;)
→ Discount (customer_group_id:qty:Priority:Price:Date Start:Date End;customer_group_id:qty:Priority:Price:Date Start:Date End;)
→ Reward Points
→ Meta Title
→ Viewed
→ Download ID
→ Review

Compatible with All OpenCart Versions

As a seller, you need an extension that works seamlessly with your website, regardless of its version. That's why our product import/export extension is compatible with all versions of OpenCart, from the latest to the oldest. It works perfectly with 1.5x, 2x, 3x, and 4x versions. 

Support for Multilingual Product Information 

Our extension supports multi-language product information, which makes it easy to manage multilingual products. Sellers will be able to import or export product information in a single language and avoid confusion. This feature saves time and ensures that your website is up to date. For example, you can export product information in English and then import it back to your website without affecting other language versions. This feature is helpful in maintaining consistency across your product catalogue.

Sample Product Import File - Easily Import Products Using a Pre-Set Template

Our extension includes a sample product import file that provides a template for formatting product data in a file. This sample import file is useful when the seller is new to product import and needs guidance on how to structure data. Seller will download the sample file such as product import CSV and use it as a guide to customizing your product data. This feature saves time and effort and ensures that your product data is accurate and well-organized. 


Q. Can I import new products and update existing products using TMD OpenCart Import and Export Product?
Ans: Yes, you can import new products and update existing products using our module. Our module supports the product import csv, excel, xml file. 

Q. How does the advanced filter work in TMD Import and Export Multilanguage?
Ans: The advanced filter in our extension allows you to export only the required product list based on specific criteria, such as category, price range, model, stock, product image, quantity, etc. This feature helps you to filter out irrelevant data and export only the data you need, making it easier for you to manage your inventory and analyze your product data.

Q. Can I use TMD Import and Export Multilanguage to import products in a single store?
Ans: Yes, our extension allows you to select a single store for importing products. This feature helps you manage your advance product import export efficiently and avoids confusion, ensuring that you have complete control over your inventory and can manage your online store effectively.


Any question suggestion is most welcome. If you have any kind of question, suggestion, or looking for support. Please create a ticket.

What customers say about Tmd Product import export Multilanguage ( 2.x , 3.x & 4.x)

May work for you but not for me on version 3 and 4. CSV worked but not XLS requires libraries in PHP.
Very happy with the extension. I would recommend it.


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