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✔	Spanish Italian Chinese Swedish Portuguese French Vietnamese
This is a Seven Languages Translation Pack for OpenCart 2.x, the complete pack for your OpenCart Site!

If you want your site to be understood by the most spoken languages users around the world, this is the correct extension for you.

All the languages have a full, quick and easy auto installation method, you only have to upload the extension and that's it!

Today, this multilanguage pack contains:

✔ Português do Brasil | Brazilian Portuguese Pro for OC 2.x
✔ Italiano | Italian Pack Professional for OpenCart 2.x
✔ Español Profesional | Spanish Pack Pro for OpenCart 2.x
✔ 中文(简) | Simplified Chinese Pack Professional for 2.x
✔ Professionell Svenska | Swedish Pack Pro for OpenCart 2.x
✔ Français | French Pack Professional for OpenCart 2.x
✔ Dịch chuyên nghiệp việt | Vietnamese Pack Professional for OpenCart 2.x

A Total value of $85.00 BUT keep reading!

By purchasing THIS extension, you get all those languages for only US$ 49.90!!!

Instead of buying separate extensions, you have for a small price, the full translation suite.

As always, all updates will be published not only on separate extensions, but also on this pack so you will always be notified whenever you want to upgrade a language.

There is another plus! We're translating more and more languages, but if you buy the superpack, whenever the new languages become translated, you'll have immediate access to this new translations without having to buy anything else.

Please consider visiting each extension on http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension&filter_username=jroblesluna

Thank you!


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