Dreams multi users and multi sellers system - Free and Additions

Dreams multi users and multi sellers system - Free and Additions

All features of the system are described in the pro version
Dreams multi users and multi sellers system – Pro

Front End
It can add a language. – catalog/language/english/product/admin_separate.php

The module is compatible in most themes. He works with the Journal Theme
The module can easily be adjusted if necessary. You can do it yourself.
You need to change a single line - line 24 <search> ............... .. </ search>
Open the file catalog / view / theme / * / template / product / product.tpl from your store.
Find the row which displays the button Add to Cart.
Copy this line.
Open admin_separate.Theme.Default.ocmod.xml
Paste the copied line between the <search><![CDATA[ and ]]></search> - line 24

Email questions
Email questions are added analogous to Front End
In the language file (parameter - $separate_customer_login) adjusted purchaser must be logged in to question.
In the account of the seller is set to receive the contact details of the buyer or receive only question

Statistics form an export to a file CSV (XLS) for use by external products such as MS Excel or other treatment of consumers.
We have tried to give raw sales data, thereby strive to cover the requirements of all users.

MS Excel has a different encoding of the data from that of your shop that you must do the following settings:
1. Set in MS Excel decimal separator POINT
File->Options->Advanced->Use system separator-> Decimal separator
2. In File admin_separate.statistic.ocmod.xml
Row $str = mb_convert_encoding($str, 'UTF-16LE', 'UTF-8'); // code table for Excel
To change 'UTF-16LE' with the encoding you use in your country according to this specification.
For example: If you live in Russia or Bulgaria and use Cyrillic it must replace
'UTF-16LE' with 'Windows-1251'

1. If you want a different file format can do on these lines
header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=\"$filename\"");
header("Content-Type: application/vnd.ms-excel; charset=UTF-16LE");
2. If you want a different date format can do it on the following lines:
$row_val[3] = date("Y.m.d",strtotime($order['date_added'])); //Sets date format to Excel
$row_val[4] = date("Y.m.d",strtotime($order['date_modified'])); //Sets date format to Excel
3. If you want to filter characters can do it in the following function:
private function cleanData($str)
4. If you want to change the column separator in the file can do на следният ред:
fputcsv($out, $row_val , ' ', '"');

If you can do it yourself, you should contact a specialist by your side.
We can not do it for you because you do not know your language and encoding using your MS Excel
We do not offer support for this extension. It is the only addition to the main application.

We wish you luck.

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