Total Customer Group Discount v.2

Module name: Total Customer Group Discount
Version: 2.0
Author: Nikita Spivak
web-site: |
Description: Module allows to set TOTAL discounts for all items in cart for different customers groups. Version 1.0 is available here

== New features ==
1. "Sort Order" is required, that is all forgotten to fill.

2. The algorithm has been completely rewritten as old algorithm wasn't correct when calculating prices with tax.

3. Added option which allows you to choose: to establish a discount on the price of the product without tax or with tax.

For example: there are goods for $ 100, the price including tax is $ 120. Discount for the user is 10%, and changing the value of this option you can set the size of discounts, or $ 10 (the price without tax) or $ 12 (the price including tax).

4. Ability to exclude products which are already have special price!

5. Ability to hide the basket notification. This option allows you to hide the sale text from total, or display it only in case if the customer discount is greater than 0%, or show ever!


1. Unpack all files from "upload" directory to your store root. No file would be overritten
2. Go to Admin -> Order Total -> Install "Percent Discount for Customers Groups".
3. Create your customers groups & set discount to it.

== Do you like it? ==
If you like this module, please make me know. Maybe you would be the first who contact me and say "thanks" :)

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6 Apr 2020

24 Jan 2016
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