Remove Quantity Input From Product

Remove Quantity Input From Product
Note: if compatibility version is not listed the one you need, contact me and i will let you know if extension works with your version.

Have you ever sold Services? or products that simply do not have a quantity? And noticed that no matter what product you set up in Opencart there is allways quantity input visible even if you sell unique products where quantity always 1:)

If yes then this extension is for you it allows you as admin to hide quantity input from product details page. as admin you can set it web wide (for all products to set default quantity display status) and as admin you also can define it product based (that is one by one if needed) with disabled quantity input customers always will add 1 quantity of the product to cart

This is a must to have extension if you selling antiques (unique items) or custom made items, or handmade items where the quantity is always 1

What customers say about Remove Quantity Input From Product

Excellent support service, thanks!
Not compatible with journal 3 theme opencart 3.X.X. Had to resort to using css to remove all quantity input fields
GREAT extension (does exactly what I needed!)... even BETTER support! Had a small issue, emailed support, got a reply within minutes and a custom built solution within about an hour or two at no extra charge. This developer is fantastic and super easy to work with! This ext. PLUS another from a different source (Custom Price Product) is the PERFECT combination!


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