Enhanced Contact Form for Opencart 2.x

Enhanced Contact Form for Opencart 2.x
Enhanced Contact Form for Opencart 2.x

This module improves the contact page form and allows you to make some useful changes directly from the admin panel, without changing templates. What are they for and how to use - depends on you, and below you can find the main features of this extension:

  • Turn off display location block (address, phones, map): this block located above the contact form

  • Custom field: sometimes you need to add some more information to the request from visitor, so you can fill this box and get one more filed in form. If you leave this field empty, there will no additional filed.
    Field format: FIELD NAME, PLACEHOLDER DESCRIPTION - description is not obligatory.
    When sending a request, the data will be added to the body of the message. You can set the filed as mandatory.
    Example of use: phone number, site address etc.

  • Subject of request: If this option is enabled, "Subject" filed appears in the form. If you will not fill the box (leave it empty) - subject field should be filled by your visitor, otherwise you will see select box in form with the list of predefined subjects. You can set the filed as mandatory.
    Field format: subject's list separated by semicolon

  • Another email: By default, the request is sent to the system email, specified in the settings of your store, but sometimes it is not convenient, so you can override the email, messages will be sent to from the contact form. This option does not affect to sending any other messages except from contact form.

  • Submit button text: sometimes you will need to set own caption for submit button, just do it.

  • Unique ID: When using, unique ID will be added to subject of each request message (generates starting with 1).
    Mostly it required if you use the form for Helpdesk requests to keep track its.

  • Attach file: You will able to add File field in form, so your visitor can attache files in message. You may add file size restriction also.

Localizations: English, Russian

Module was tested with the default opencart template, and may work with much others, but custom theme in most cases requires some changes to show elements (eg: button, links etc.) on frontend.
So if after installation you will not see module's elements on frontend of your store - that means you need changes in module files exact for your theme.
Please pay attention that such customization for you theme is paid option and costs 5-7$.

Support email: dev@instup.com
If you need technical support, found an error or have a question about module - please don't write about in comments, write directly to support email.

Operation of this module was tested with Opencart versions, and, but I believe it will work with earlier versions. If you find any error or bug, please inform us about and we will fix it shortly.

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