Mega Sales Pro - start massive sale in one click

Mega Sales Pro - start massive sale in one click
Mega Sales Pro extension allows you to set special prices for entire product categories, products with specific filters, products by selected manufacturers, and for all of these combinations (category & filter & manufacturer combinations).
You can set different special prices for multiple different date ranges/categories/filters/manufacturers/customer groups.

Username: demo
Password: demo
After logging in go to admin panel go to Extensions >> Modules >> Mega Sales Pro.
All the pricing changes will be visible in store FrontEnd.

Mega Sales Pro lets you set special prices for:
    all store products in one click.
    all products from any product category in one click.
    products by a selected manufacturer in one click.
    products with selected product filters in one click.

    You can combine category, product filter and manufacturer combinations. For example - Red (filter- Color) Case Logic (manufacturer) computer cases (category).

    You can select when sale starts and ends (date), what discount is applied. Discount can be applied by percentage, or by specific value off the price.
    There can be unlimited different special sale combinations set - you will have a list of them in extension settings page.

    You can remove one or more special sales without affecting other.

    Extension does not require vqmod, ocmod or any other mod system - it is a standalone extension that does not change any other OpenCart files.

    To be able to set massive sale by product filter your store must have filters (Admin >> Catalog >> Filters) and product filters selected.
    To be able to set massive sale by manufacturer your store must have manufacturers (Admin >> Catalog >> Manufacturers) set.
    Do not use it for products that have options with different prices - OpenCart cannot set Specials for Options, so this extension also won't set them.

UPDATE 2017/05/12:
New setting: Priorities can be set for sales/specials - useful if you run multiple specials on the same day.

UPDATE 2017/03/10:
Fix: Restored tool to remove old individual product specials while setting a new massive product sale.
New setting: Added setting to round special product prices to nearest 0.05 if discount is set by percent.

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