SalesForecast - On Demand Sales Inventory Forecast

SalesForecast - On Demand Sales Inventory Forecast

SalesForecast gives you a projection of expected sales and revenue for a selected period. The forecast is basing information on historical sales for a data sample period that you choose.

Why is sales forecasting necessary for my OpenCart store?

Sales Forecasting is an essential element in running each business. SalesForecast directly impacts your Demand forecast, inventory controls, supply chain management, financial planning, internal controls, marketing and price stability. If these elements are important for your eCommerce store, then you might check SalesForecast demo.

✯ Calculate total forecast revenue
✯ Gather data based on previous sales period
✯ Choose forecast period
✯ Select products you want to get forecast for
✯ Works with Product options
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SalesForecast for OpenCart 2 comes with extensive documentation with images, installation instructions, features explanations and examples.

SalesForecast Panel DEMO

You can find more information about module Licensing here. Compatibility with MijoShop/AceShop/JooCart and FAQ here.


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