Easy Redirect Management (SEO Ultimate)

Easy Redirect Management (SEO Ultimate)
Manage your redirects in one easy to use intuitive panel - packed with features such as ability to import/export to a convenient CSV, categorize redirects for easier management and ability to search redirects. All redirect code conforms to SEO best practices. using 301 redirect headers.

SEO Ultimate:
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Easy Redirect Management (SEO Ultimate):
Create and manage your website redirects from one easy to use panel,segregate redirects into set categories such as 'Products', 'Categories', 'Pages', 'Miscellaneous' and 'Automatically Added'

Really simple, clear and concise management panel with paginated tabs and ability to search redirects using from to to url, so you don't get overloaded with all of your redirects.

Easy to add and remove any redirect link

Any products categories or pages that get removed from the Opencart system will automatically have a redirect set up to go to the homepage so a user is should never be sent to a 404 page from any old URL's or links.

You can also filter the redirects so you can see exactly what is coming from which page or see all of the links that are redirecting to a certain URL on your website.



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