Price Drop and In Stock Alert by Followprice

Price Drop and In Stock Alert by Followprice
- Automatically notify customers via E-mail and Facebook notifications

- Bring traffic with 3X higher converting rates back to your store

- Retarget followers with Coupon Codes of their followed products


With the Followprice button your visitors will save your products into a universal wishlist, subscribing to receive price and stock alerts from your store via high converting E-mails and Facebook Notifications. You will gain deep insights on your market trends by knowing which products are being followed (i.e. 68 people following the iPhone6) and target these potential buyers with direct offers using promotional codes.

Install the Followprice button now and start connecting with visitors offering them the possibility to follow your products’ price drops and availability changes with a universal solution they can also use in other stores. Generate more sales by turning your visitors into followers, engaging them with your store with our automatic notifications. Start now free!

How it works:

1. Install and activate your Followprice plugin for opencart.
2. Your visitors click on the Followprice button to follow your products, adding them to their Followprice wishlist.
3. Followers are notified whenever the prices and/or availability change, via E-mail and private Facebook Notifications.
4. In your dashboard find information like which products are being followed, the number of followers and visits generated for each product.
5. You can take action and send special offers to a segmented target that is very likely to convert.

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included



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17 Oct 2016

8 Feb 2016
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