OC-Store: Pickup PRO

Creating a list of pick-up points in time of ordering.

1. Set as a standard shipping module.
2. Ability to select Yandex or Google map.
3. Ability to select the output format of pick-up points: a list or a map.
4. The interface for working with pick-up points: to add / to edit / to delete. You can add the information about the pick-up points in all system languages.
5. Opportunity for various pick-up points to make individual pin on the map to highlight a particular point.
6. The module has the geocoding functionality with the addition of a new pick-up point. You can just click on the "Search the address on the map" and the object will be found on the map according to the entered address. You can also put the pick-up point by yourself anywhere on the map.
7. Export and import information about the pick-up points to Microsoft Excel.
8. Ability to specify the price for delivery to each pick-up point, and the minimum amount of the order when the pick-up point will be available for selection to the user.
9. You can display the list of pick-up points as a map or as a list with the descriptions which appear by clicking the link of the pick-up point.
10. You can display the pick-up points only in a choosen geo zone.

Demo: http://sandbox.oc-store.com
Admin: http://sandbox.oc-store.com/admin (demo:demo)


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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9 Feb 2016
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