OC-Store: Badges

OC-Store: Badges
== Description ==
The module "OC-Store: Badges" adds to the system the functionality for using product stickers which are displayed in all the lists of products and product cards.
You can use not both the graphic stickers and the text stickers.

DEMO: [url]http://sandbox.oc-store.com[/url]
ADMIN DEMO: [url]http://sandbox.oc-store.com/admin[/url] (demo:demo)

== Features ==
1. Setting of the location of the sticker in the product card.
2. Ability to add the text to the graphic stickers.
3. Setting the text parameters:
   3.1. Location of the text;
   3.2. The size of the text;
   3.3. Text color;
   3.4. The font of the text;
   3.5. The angle of the text.
4. A live preview of future results directly in the admin panel.
5. Appointment of one or more stickers to one product.

== Installing and Configuring ==
1. Download the file ocstore_badges_1_0_for_opencart_2_x.ocmod.zip using a standard Extention Installer;
2. In the Modification Manager click the "Refresh" button to refresh the cache.
3. Install the module "OC-Store: Badges" in Extension Manager.
4. Add the stickers which you want to see in the system through the provided interface.
5. Attach created stickers to the products.

== License ==
1. It is necessary to have the latest version of ionCube Loader on the server.
2. You can buy the module for installation at third parties.
3. Help Desk for the module "OC-Store: Badges" is available only to users who are registered as the customers.
4. Free update of the module "OC-Store: Badges" within 6 months of purchase.

== How to recieve the module? ==
For free support and updates please send a message through the form [url]http://oc-store.com/index.php?route=information/contact[/url] with information about the purchase:
1. On what website the module has been bought.
2. At what time the module has been purchased.
3. Who purchased the module.

== Roadmap ==
In the next versions of the product is planned to add the following functionality:
1. Bind the stickers to the status of the goods: new, special offers, bestsellers, popular products.
2. Installation of stickers to the product category.
3. Installation of stickers to the products according to the tag.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included



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