Como Dynamic Downloads

Como Dynamic Downloads
This magic extension makes your downloadable files alive, adding digital signatures to downloaded files. The downloaded file, for example ZIP or PDF file, is created in real time with desired content. It adds many more useful additions to the basic features of Opebcart Downloads, such as sending an email when downloading a file, recording each download (count), and more.


  • Count and safe info for clicks to download files from the customer (Opencart 3.x)
  • Create PDF file from source HTML file
  • Create ZIP file from source files or directories
  • Add files to existing ZIP file
  • Replace IN files in existing ZIP file
  • Possibility insert personalized text at the front, end and after specified line (from the beginning or from the end of the file).
  • Hendle gzip compression of the files!
  • The automatic cleanup settings do not allow the server to overflow with large dynamic download files.
  • Possibility to edit text, gzip, and HTML files with Codemirror editor.
  • Possibility to open directories (upload, dinamic downloads and more), to manage. It needs module File manager Professional
  • Possibility to rename files in Downloads and in Dynamic Downloads forms.
  • Upload progress bar indicator and info for allowed max file size in Downloads and in Dynamic Downloads forms.
  • Additional information and option to not add mask to uploaded files in Downloads form.
  • NEW: Send an email to the administrator when downloading a file from the user. In the settings this option can be turned on or off, as well as an HTML template for the subject and content of the email.
  • NEW: Possibility to select files in Downloads and in Dynamic Downloads forms. This allows files to be uploaded via FTP and then easily selected from uploaded files.

At the time the client clicks on "download" button in frontend of the site, this module makes possible to perform actions, search in the source files and replace with live data from the client order. This allows to personalise the downloaded files, for example with client name, address, country, product data, product options, custom fields, serial numbers and many more. Also it is possible to create new files. After applying the rules, it is possible to archive the content and to be created zip file – the real download, exposed to the user.
Now except zip, module is capable to create PDF files!

All this fully automated!

The rules for creation and modifications are entered and adjusted in the admin interface of the module.

English and Bulgarian translation included (включен е и български превод).

Please order one of this products in category "Dynamic Downloads":
and proceed to checkout. After order creation please go to account page and check for downloads:

Username/password: demo/demo

Step-by-step instructions

NOTE: For additional set of add-ons to Opencart Downloads, please see our other professional module that work in sync:

Como Downloads Extended FEATURES:

  • Type of download (paid, free, free for logged in).
  • Free product downloads are suitable for providing users with documentation, instructions, specifications, drivers, catalogs, video links, and more.
  • Show product downloads on product page with behavior according to their type. Configurable in module admin panel.
  • Options to show as tab, or block, or both downloads list on product page, theme independent, configurable.
  • Description of files, shown to customers.
  • Name and description can contain HTML formatting, and a visual editor can be optionally loaded for the description in the text area.
  • Length of the possible file name has been increased from 128 to 512.
  • Option to not add mask to uploaded files in Downloads form.
  • Links: instead of path of files, you can now also enter HTTP/HTTPS links in the form.
  • Link products to files directly from the download form.
  • User-defined text for the file size.
  • Option to show disab ed downloads to customers.
  • Option to hide date added column to customers.
  • Adjustable (show/hide) columns in admin downloads list: Type, File name, Mask, Linked products, Description, Id, Status.
  • A message is displayed when the file is preparing for download. The message is set in the module options and can contain HTML.
  • A message is displayed when the real downloading process is started. The message is set in the module options and can contain HTML.
  • Many more.

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