Edit Order Price

Edit Order Price

Edit Order Price allows you to edit and override the price of products and shipping charges on orders from your admin panel. Using OpenCart’s built in order editing function, you can click on the price of any product on an order, edit it and save the order. You can also add new products to an order and adjust the price as desired or create new orders on the fly with custom pricing.

• Edit order product prices
• Edit order shipping charges
• Compatible with OpenCart versions to
• OC3 uses Opencart's native OCMOD / OC2 version Requires vQmod 2.4+

For technical support please use contact email provided in the documentation along with your order number. Please do not post support requests on the extension page comments area. Support requests posted here will be removed.

v20.4.30 - Bugfix / New feature: Added a system setting to determine if order prices should be shown with tax when editing orders. Fixed a bug where displayed prices did not include tax when they should.
v20.4.24 - Backport bugfix in order template/twig
Load prices from order price instead of store price / preserve edited pricing on subsequent edits
v18.1.14 - OC3 Compatibility
v17.3.10 - Corrected bug with options price calculations
v16.4.14 - Added support for negative prices. Added ability to edit shipping price.
v16.3.18 - Support for multiple currencies and languages
v16.3.10 - OpenCart v2.2.0.0 compatibility
v16.2.23 - Initial release

What customers say about Edit Order Price

~*****~ EXCELLENT ~*****~ Iv been wanting this for years and well worth twice the price to have this extension in your admin tool box ....no more messy transactions :) Worked straight out of the box along side a number of other extension no problem
Great extension, it's a must... It's should be an Opencart default Extension...


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