Angular Search

Angular Search
This is not another dropdown Ajax search.

See demo: demo link

Angular Search 1.0.0.
Display live results in content area

About Angular Search for Opencart 2.
Angular Search is the perfect opencart 2 software package to meet the product search needs of your business, an easy & quick way of searching the products from your store.
Angular Search has a Live Search feature but instead of classical ajax search wich shows products as an input search field dropdown-like way, Angular Search shows the results in the Content Area of your store as the user types in the search input field. And it shows that in a live manner :) so Enter and Up-Down keys become obsolete.

Using an FTP application, upload the contents of the "upload" folder to the root of your OpenCart installation. No core files are overwritten.
You must have vQmod installed to use this extension. If you do not have vQmod installed and want more information about it please see our article on vQmod.

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Demo: demo link

Documentation: documentation link


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