Online payment by installments

Online payment by installments
Online payment by installments

Payment from Privatbank on an installment plan allows crediting clients up to 24 months without an interest rate or with a small overhead percentage due. Meanwhile, the procedure takes up 30 seconds at the most, no documents or bank statements needed.
How it works?
1. The buyer selects the products in your online store. Puts to cart and selects a payment method - Payment by installments;
2. Specifies the number of payments and shop making first payment with card of PrivatBank;
3. On the email account your customer receive a letter with a check on the purchase - agreement on Payment by installments;
4. You are guaranteed to get the remaining amount of the cost of goods from the bank;
All work on the control of execution of contract terms the bank customer takes on himself;
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Established in 1992, PrivatBank is the leader in Ukrainian banking.
PrivatBank is one of the world's most innovative banks. Over ten years ago the Bank was among the first banks that started using one-time SMS passwords. Among the recent innovations recognised all over the world, there are such products as payment mini-terminals, login to Internet bank using a QR code, online cash collection, and dozens of different mobile applications.
To provide bank services with the best quality of service to all clients with fair and transparent conditions.

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