Advance Newsletter

Advance Newsletter
Overview of TMD OpenCart Newsletter
This extension will let the website collect the user's email id and then sends the newsletter to them. Enable step two verification to verify the subscriber email id. Admin can manage the subscribers, and newsletter templates, and check the newsletter analytics.
The user-friendly newsletter setting lets the admin design the layout successfully verify and unsubscribe page, write the heading, description, success message, privacy policy, etc. Also, the admin can add the email newsletter form in the footer of the website.

Verify Email Addresses: The newsletter extension ensures a genuine email list by using our email verification feature, keeping bots and spam away. It will add an extra layer of security and keep maintaining the website's reputation.

Show newsletter subscribe form in the Footer: Navigate to Newsletter Setting > Select the Footer > Select the enable in the status, select the page layout, write the heading of the newsletter section, adjust the colours, and do another set. The newsletter signup form starts displaying on the footer of selected layout pages.

Unlimited Newsletter Templates: OpenCart newsletter extension lets you create visually appealing newsletter templates in HTML or plain text, designed to increase website traffic and engagement. Admin can add the products in the email template and select the coupon code to give the discount.

Personalized Communication With Shortcodes: Customize your newsletter content by adding the subscriber name, email id, and store information. It will get the user back to your website.

Import/Export subscribers: You can easily import the subscribers into the system using the import feature. According to their status, new subscribers will receive the newsletter. The subscriber list export feature will download all the subscribers from Your Website.

Subscriber Management: There is a newsletter subscribers list present in a tabular with an email-sending option. The admin can add a new subscriber, update the subscriber's status or remove it from the list. Use the filter to get the required subscriber information.

Sending Newsletter: The OpenCart newsletter module gives two methods to send the newsletter. First, Use the Quick Send Email method to send newsletters to specific segments or all subscribers. Or compose the email content for single subscribers and send them.

Collect the email From the Popup: Match the popup newsletter signup form to your website's design ensuring a seamless user experience. Admin can update the enable or disable the name of subscriber heading, button text, etc. from the setting.

Customize the Layout To match With Brand: You can customize the newsletter form layout from the setting. Display or hide the heading, description, icons, privacy policy text, etc.

Write the custom success message: You can write a message that will show to users when they subscribe to the newsletter. Write different success messages for the popup newsletter and footer newsletter form.

Verification Success Page: User can give their consent by hitting the email verify option in the OpenCart newsletter setting. This extension lets you customize the email verification page by writing the success and decline messages.

Unsubscribed Page: The newsletter email contains the unsubscribe link. Users will land on the unsubscribe page where they can select the option for leaving the newsletter. This will give business owners the to improve their newsletter service.

Write CSS: You can change the style or design of the newsletter form and its elements such as the heading, description, success message, shadow effect of popup, newsletter form in the footer, etc just by writing the CSS code in the custom CSS section.

Analytical Tracking: Monitor the success of your newsletters with insightful metrics such as click-through rates and open rates. A dedicated analytic system is present in the OpenCart newsletter module.

Multilingual Support: Reach a global audience by sending newsletters in multiple languages, automatically detecting and sending in the visitor's preferred language.

Enhanced Compatibility: Our module supports OpenCart versions 1.5.x, 2.x, 3.x, and 4.x, ensuring smooth integration without compromising your website's functionality.

Hassle-Free Installation: With our OCMOD integration, your website remains protected, and you can focus on growing your business. Our simple installation process allows you to set up the module quickly, with no technical headaches.

Acquire More Subscribers: Customers and website visitors provide email addresses effortlessly through our seamless OpenCart newsletter module.

If you want to do the customization and updation on your website or looking for support for the OpenCart theme or extension. Please Create a ticket. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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