Antropy Error Log Trimmer

Antropy Error Log Trimmer
Antropy Error Log Trimmer

Without this extension, it's possible over time for your error log file to grow so large that it crashes PHP and your site will just display a blank screen. This is a very difficult issue to track down because most servers will just show "500 Internal Server Error" and won't even give you a file name or any clues about the actual error.

This extension will stop your log files from growing too large. Every time you sign into the admin area, it will automatically check the sizes of all the log files within the /system/logs/ directory.

If any files are larger than ~5MB then it will trim away 90% of the oldest messages.

This will help prevent unexpected 500 errors and increase the speed of your site!

We would recommend this extension for all OpenCart sites.

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26 Jul 2022

3 Mar 2016
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