RetailCRM - Solution for eCommerce and retail. RetailCRM helps you to increase the number of orders and customers and saves your money. Make decisions based on overall and transparent real-time analytics that will bring more profit.

Integration with a wide range of services will allow you to control the whole cycle of order processing in “one window”, no matter where you are.

Consolidation of orders into a single system

  • Orders from all sources are collected in one window
  • Sites
  • Price aggregators
  • Mail
  • Offline stores
  • Mobile application
  • Phone order

Intuitive interface
All of the tools in retailCRM are user-friendly and intuitively accessible. You don’t have to spend much time to learn how to use the system or to teach your employees how to use it.\newline

Logistics automatization
Integration with mailing services via API. Complete synchronization of both systems. Printing route charts, bills and invoices in one click.

Control over a good purchase, increasing the purchase interest
Working with statuses and triggers. Managers and clients receive notifications about an order changing its status for a new one. Managers receive notifications via the CRM system and clients via e-mail and text messages activated by triggers and regular operator calls.

Client base segmentation

  • By the orders made
  • By client type
  • By order source
  • By location
  • By age
  • By preferred communication method (text message, phone call or e-mail)
  • By average purchase amount and number of orders

Increasing resales and advisory sales
With the help of segmentation, it’s possible to track a client’s preferences, most frequent orders and to make additional sales available based on this information

Instruments of offline sales personalization
Adding offline retail buyers to the database for keeping in touch with them and sending them personalized offers.mA Client enters his contact details in a survey when he/she receives a discount card.

Separating and analyzing the order sources
Tracking the sources of incoming clients (banner, teaser, advertisement) and analyzing which source works the best. Allows optimizing of advertising and marketing processes and budgets.

Analyzing reasons of order cancellation

  • Late callback
  • Unsatisfactory price
  • Favored product is unavailable
  • Delivery delay
  • Manager’s unpleasant voice

Control over the work of CRM system operators

  • Monitoring incoming/outgoing calls
  • Restrictions in order processing details
  • Time limits
  • Automatic calculation of the employees’ income

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


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