Decimal Quantity/Min Qty - vQmod (15x/2x/3.0)

Now Supports Journal2 and Journal3!
Now Supports Journal2 and Journal3!

What does it do:
This vQmod converts all product quantities to decimal format to allow for precision based quantities
Now you can have anywhere between 0.1 to 9999.9999 for the product quantity and prices will reflect partial quantities (1 x $10 = $10, 1.5 x $10 = $15, etc)
It will work with any theme as all the calculation is done in the models and controllers.

- The latest version of the vQmod Engine from is required

Main features:
* No files are overwritten, uses vQmod.
* Not theme dependent
* Works with Aceshop/Mijoshop/JooCart
* Prices will adjust based on the quantity (1 x $10 = $10, 1.5 x $10 = $15, etc)
* Minimum Quantity also decimalized
* Works on all pages that allow adjusting qty (product, cart, etc)
* Should also work with most custom checkouts and mods (some mods may require custom adjustments)
* Stock subtract will be in decimals
* Paypal Itemized support
* Journal3 support

How to install it:
1) Unzip and upload vqmod/xml file to your vqmod/xml folder on your site.
2) Visit the Admin Dashboard for the quantity conversion in the database
3) Be sure to adjust the minimum quantity to less than 1 if you want to allow quantities lower than 1

Supports Journal3 but may require additional edits as journal3 changes.

What customers say about Decimal Quantity/Min Qty - vQmod (15x/2x/3.0)

Support is great!! Made it step by step completly compatible with journal3. For every step in Journal I found something not working he made it work.


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