Customized One Page Order Entry For Admin - Quick Order Creation

Customized One Page Order Entry For Admin - Quick Order Creation
Customized one page order entry system is an Opencart extension for the store admin to make customized orders instantly from the back end. It provides you with a single page for creating/editing orders with many features on the same page.

Additionally, you can create unique payment links for the order and send them to your client for payment. It supports major payment gateways. Ex: Paypal Standard, Square Payment, etc. It will also work with the payment systems you have.

Furthermore, you can also add extra charges, discounts, and custom shipping/payment to the order.

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Username: orderentry
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Order Creator Page Admin

Documentation: Step by step guide
How to try the demo and make a custom order

Latest Update
a) Enter pricing directly in your desired currency in the order entry. Helpful if you have multi-currency.
b) Now customers can be preselected in the order entry form if you visit the customer list page -> order list icon.
c) Update customer email from the order entry directly. Other details were already possible.
d) Added payment link expiry date with time. If you want to make the link expire the same day. Then only set the time.
e) Feature added to edit product name for the order.
f) Auto-select the address for the edited order and new order to increase the speed of order-making.
g) Take payment or send the link to the customer for the payment.
h) Support all 3. x versions.
i) Minor code change to make it compatible with the salesperson extension.

Check full version history
Version history for Customized page order entry system

Feature List
We have provided different necessary tools to give the power to store admin to create orders seamlessly. Check the below features:

Smart one page order entry
Add all necessary details on a single page to create an order rather than switching back and forth. Time saver for admin making a lot of orders from the admin side.

The customer can be searched via name, company name, or email. Address details are shown in the drop-down for more information.

A product can be searched with the name or model number.
Product image available for re-confirmation about the product.

Custom price / name for products
- Add custom price/name for products added to the cart.
- Check the actual price of the product for reference.
- Customers can only see the price/name you added for them to view.

Customer details/selection
- Select the customer from the drop-down.
- Customer personal details can be checked and edited from the same page.
- Also supports account Custom Fields. Check and edit option available.
- Check customers' previous orders from the same page for reference.
- Direct link to edit customer details.
- Pre-add the customers in the order entry form when you visit from the customer list page - one-page order icon.

Address details/selection
- Once a customer is selected, the address shall be auto-selected for making the order.
- Option to edit the address from the same page.
- Also supports addressing custom fields.

Custom charges/discount for each order
- If you need to add extra charges/discounts to totals Like Convenience charges, Delivery charges, Extra fees or any kind of extra total.
- You can easily add your own custom text and charge.
- Option to add taxes with the above charges.

Custom shipping with charges
- Besides default shipping methods, the extension provides you the provision to add custom shipping if needed.
- Power to the admin to add their own custom shipping method text and amount. Ex: Local Shipping, Premium Shipping, Etc
- Option to add taxes with the above custom shipping method.

Custom payment with charges
- Besides default shipping methods, Admin can add a custom payment method for any order.
- You can add a Custom name and charges for the payment.
- Ex: Local Payment, Cash Payment, etc

Accept payment and payment link
- Once the admin creates an order, an option is available to create a unique payment link and email it to the customer.
- Admin can also self-visit the link and make the payment. As per need.
- It supports major payment gateways like Paypal Standard, Square Payment, and credit /debit card gateway.
- It does not support PayPal express checkout. But support PayPal standards.
- If you would like to confirm send us an email with the contact details below.
- Set expiry date/time for the payment links. So the link will no longer be valid once the date has passed.

Email control - extra email
- We are giving extra email control for sending the HTML emails.
- You can enable disable email notification for each order during creation.
- Also, you can add additional emails on which HTML emails can be sent.

Add Custom Pricing Directly In Desired Currency
- We provide an option to enter the product pricing directly in your desired currency.
- By default in the Opencart it is necessary to enter pricing in your default currency.
- Now the above issue is resolved with our feature added.

Copy Existing Order
- The feature provides you with an option to copy existing orders.
- Available on the order list. You can edit the order for minor changes before finalizing the order.
- Very handy tool if you have lot of orders that needs copying.

Frequently asked questions
Q1) Can we enter the custom shipping method and its custom cost?

Yes, you can enter the custom shipping methods and cost.
Also, add a tax class to it.
Of course, you also have options for your enabled shipping method.

Q2) How can we process payment in ADMIN with the CC like in the checkout? Is there a way to send an invoice to the customer so they can make the payment directly?

Yes, now you can do this by selecting the required payment method when making the order.
Ex: Paypal Standard,, Square Payment.
And then generate a payment link. Visit the link or Send it to the customer and make the payment.

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If you have a different question, you can add your comment below.

- Works with Ocmod.
- No core files are changed.
- Install instructions are available in the documentation tab and zip both.
- Money-back guarantee.
- Free installation available.

Helpful for
The extension is helpful for store owners who:
1) Take phone orders.
2) Take a lot of orders on the backend.
3) Don't want to waste time while making orders from the backend.
4) Want to have custom pricing for products per customer?
5) Want to have custom totals in orders?
6) Want to have custom shipping and payment for orders?
7) Quickly generate a lot of orders instantly.
8) Create a payment link for the order and send it to the customer.
9) Have lot of orders that needs to be copied to make a new order { Use order clone feature ]

Extension is compatible with other extensions:
- The extension is compatible with other extensions that work on shipping methods, and payment methods.
- The extension is also compatible with other extensions that work on cart discounts based on different rules.
- We provide support in case you have a discount for products that work on the front end. So you get the same reference price when adding products in the back end.

Support Ticket
Create a support ticket for further assistance:
Ticket: Create support ticket on cartbinder

Help / Contact us
For any kind of further queries regarding purchase, customization, etc.:

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Perfect module and perfect support.
The Cartbinder Team is AWESOME. Great in helping in all matters and were done professionally and without delay, usually the same day. I asked for a couple tweaks in their modules to suit my website needs, and they did them, no questions asked. Highly recommend all their useful brilliant apps. Always up to date and customer care meets the highest expectations.
Great and useful extension + one of the best OpenCart support team.


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