Get Store credit on new account registration

Get Store credit on new account registration

Get Store credit on new account registration helps you to give your customers automatic credit in their account.
You can add credit to be given to a particular customer group.
So based on that credit shall be added to customers account.

The customer can see their credit available from My Transaction page once they log in.
Also, an email alert is sent when credit is added.

Store Credit On New Registeration

- Now give your customers store credit (online cash) on new registration.
- Credit is automatically given to customers on new registration.
- When a new account is registered with checkout register page or account registration page.
- From both credit shall be given.
- Also when the customer is created from the backend, automatic credit is given.

Email Alert When Credit Is Given

- When credit is added to customer's account, success email shall be sent to the customer.
- You can disable this feature if you do not want the customer to receive an email alert.

Why credit system is powerful ?

- The credit system is nothing but having your cash online.
- This cash is saved in customers account details.
- You can think of it as an ATM.
- So customers feel like they can use this and save some money while buying online.
- Major e-commerce companies, airway companies are using this technique to increase their sales.

Why coupon system is less powerful and credit is more powerful?

- Coupon needs to be managed continuously by admin.
- Coupons work on so many conditions like date, login, code, etc
- Credit does not require any code to be used.
- It is automatically applied when a customer adds the product to cart.

Demo link for version 2.x

Username: demo
Password: demo

Store Credit Admin Page


- No core files are changed.
- Works with ocmod
- Works with all themes.
- Money back guarantee.
- Free installation is available.

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