Live Price PRO

Live Price PRO
Live Price PRO is designed to improve the pricing functionality of OpenCart

Main features of the module:
  • Dynamic update of price details on product pages in customer section, depending on selected options and quantity
  • Addional price prefixes for product options ( * / = % )

  • Product discounts and specials in percentage, ability to set common values of discounts and specials for all customers groups
  • Global lists of discounts and specials (for category, manufacturer, customer group)

Other module features:
  • apply an option price modifier to product price only once, without dependecy on the product quantity (optional, —Āontrolled by additional checkbox on option edit page)
  • display minimal product prices including options (price starting from...) in product lists ( category page, manufacturer page, modules like "Latest", "Bestsellers", etc.)
  • take of product quantity already added to shopping cart into account for determination of available discount for the product (optional)
  • show product price multiplied by entered quantity (optional)
  • apply product discounts in percents to prices of options

The module is compatible with themes:
Journal3, Journal2, Sellegance, Cosyone, Lambym Optimal (OPC080183), Beamstore, Smarti, Fortuna, Monster, Pav DigitalStore, Pav Fashion, Lexus SuperStore, AudioGear, Stationery, PrintStore, R.Gen, Amazecart, Claudine, Allure, Glorious, KingStore Pro, Coloring, Mobile, Comohos, Optimum, Petsy Shop, Constitute, Pav Dress Store, Glade, Beauty, Megashop, Bigshop, Pav Beeshop, Cycling Equipment, Clothing for Everyone, Goodies for Sleep, Arise, Fastor, Gameworld, Maxstore, Vitalia, ThemeGlobalLite, Erida, Coolbaby, Parallax, Carera, Shopme, Andro, Veneno, Rossi, Stowear, SuperExpress, MediaCenter, Furniture, newstore, Diamond, Coffee, Printing Services, Tools Store, CENDO, Optima Kids, Greentech, Shop-Store, Shoppystore, Logancee, Magazin, iShop, Welldone, Basky, Sagitta, Unishop, Bstore, Selphy, Orion, Electronic Store, Aspire, Lavoro, Moneymaker2, July, Megastore, ONStore, Sebian, Furniture Tool & Hardware, Mega Store, Matalo, boxed, Lexus Store, Zorka, Pav Shopping Office, Technopolis(BurnEngine), Shoppica(BurnEngine), Fashion Feast, MarketShop, Hosoren, Sonic, Pav Clickshop, Revolution, Pav Brave, Yourstore, StoreFlex fashion, Diceylook, Oxelar, GoShop, Popcorn Online Store, Royal, Perfume Store, Marine Store, Glory Shop, Furnicom, Lexus Cricket, Revo, Minimal, Maxyshop, Porto, Megashop, Cosmetorix, Modern Furniture, Powder Cosmetic, Navas, Globethm, Radiance, Bege, Sweets Store, Pixelshop, Luxury, Market, Laparis, Minimal, Huge, Maxshop, Storeset, Techone, Basel, Lexus Market, Etrostores, Pav Bigstore, Kiddos, Kitchen, Lexus Extroic, Butik, Techstore, Unitystore, Barbaratheme.

If you find a compatibility issue with your OpenCart theme, email us to, we will help.

This is the module for OpenCart 2.x, for OpenCart 3.x please use Live Price PRO for OpenCart 3.x

Live Price PRO demo:

Demo admin:
login/pass: demo/demo

We also recommend:
  • Related Options - to create combinations of related product options and set stock, price, model etc. for each combination. This functionality can be useful for sales of products, having interlinked options, such as size and color for clothes
  • Related Options PRO - improved premium version or Related Options module, which allows to create different combinations of options values per one product.
  • Product Options Image PRO - to set few images for each option value and show this images on the product page in dependence of selected option value.
  • Improved Options - to set SKU, model (product code), description for each product option value and set default product option values that should be selected, when customer opens product page.
  • Parent-child Options to show/hide child options (options groups) depending on selected parent options values.
  • Quantity Per Option to display separate "Quantity" inputs for option values

Contact for support, questions and suggestions:

What customers say about Live Price PRO

Great support. The developer is very quick and responsive. Thank you so much!
The support was fantastic. When I sent an email with my problem, they answered me in less than 24h and corrected it even faster.
Amazing extension works right out of the box!


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