Push Notifications for OpenCart

Push Notifications for OpenCart
Web Push Notification for OpenCart is a complete web push notification solution for Opencart stores, trusted by thousands of developers, store owners and marketers across the globe. It allows your website to re-engage your most loyal customers with targeted push notifications.

This plugin will automatically install the required library into your website post account verification. You can either create your free account or provide your API Keys & Secret Keys to start using PushAssist. All the major functionalities, dashboard, metrics are displayed within your Opencart Admin Panel.

Post setup, your visitors can opt-in to receive push notifications when you publish a new post, and visitors receive these notifications even when they are not browsing your site. These notifications are delivered on all devices i.e. desktops, tablets and even mobile phones.

When customers visit your site, they can opt-in to receive push notifications from your website. To engage you can alert your visitors when new content is published, send them offers, tips or anything else and eventually convert them to regular and loyal readers. It's like a newsletter, but more efficient and effective in keeping your audience engaged. OpenCart Push Notifications by PushAssist allows you to focus on building beautiful website without developing the core push notification API driven code within your Opencart website.

Push notifications are an incredibly user-friendly communication channel, has a higher opt-in rate and click-through rate in the range of 12-18%, which is dramatically better than other channels, such as email or Twitter.


  • Instant notifications: Notifications appear as message alerts and even sound alerts depending upon OS.\newline
  • Powerful APIs: Provides easy to use REST APIs, available via secure HTTPS to send and receive data.\newline
  • Segments: Smart segmentation divides your users in groups with segmentation.\newline
  • HTTP/HTTPS: It works for both HTTP or HTTPS Opencart websites.\newline
  • GCM: It also allows you to use your own GCM keys for push notification.\newline
  • Campaigns: Premium accounts can send or schedule marketing notification campaigns from PushAssist control account Panel. \newline

What customers say about Push Notifications for OpenCart

Very easy to download and install

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


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