Banners By Category

Banners By Category
Note: Opencart 3.X version of this extension can be found here: [OC-3.X] Banners By Category

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Have you ever wanted to advertise something special in a specific categories or subcategories only? for example you running a clearance sale on your X category but once you add a banner and assign to category layout. The very same banner is displayed on all categories of your shop. That is not very admin friendly especially if you want advertise different things in different categories.

But that is in the past:) with this extension you will be able to add separate banners to separate categories, you can specify which banners must be visible on which categories, you can assign one banner to unlimited categories, in simple words you now will gain full control over your banners:) you will be able to control how they must be displayed and where it has to be displayed.

This module allows you to create and manage banners for the categories of your shop.

So from now you can add SPECIFIC banners advertising in the specific category pages to highlight these categories products, or you even can start selling advertising places in your categories and gain extra revenue:)) The limit of the usage from now on is just your imagination:)

This extension can highly BOOST your sales by helping promote products in the interactive way, advertise offers and promotions on each category individually.


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