Bulk change Special price ( Marketplaces Special price )

Bulk change Special price ( Marketplaces Special price )

Unleashing the Power of "Bulk Change Special Price" in OpenCart
"Bulk Change Special Price" is an awesome mod for a virtually one-click change to all Special Prices in your store. Simply choose the products/categories , the customer group(s) to apply to, and enter the percentage discount. DONE! An unbelievably fast and easy tool for your admin.
"Bulk Change Special Price" feature emerges as a time-saving and dynamic tool, offering a comprehensive set of features to streamline the process of applying discounts across your product catalog.

⭐ Best benefits for Store Owners:
+ Save valuable time
+ Tailor your discounts with precision
+ Adapt your discount strategy to match your marketing goals. The versatility of this feature allows you to execute diverse marketing strategies with ease.

⭐ Key Features:
+ Apply for All Products:
Simplify your discount application process with the ability to apply changes to the special price for all products in your OpenCart store. This time-saving feature ensures that your entire product catalog reflects the desired discounts effortlessly.

+ Apply to Custom Products:
Tailor your discounts to specific products. The "Bulk Change Special Price" feature allows you to apply custom discounts to selected products, providing flexibility in your promotional strategies.

+ Apply to Custom Categories:
Target specific product categories with ease. This feature enables you to streamline your promotions by applying custom discounts to products within chosen categories, allowing for a more strategic approach to sales.

+ Apply to Custom Manufacturers:
Strengthen brand-focused promotions by applying custom discounts to products from specific manufacturers. This feature adds a layer of customization to your discount strategy, catering to the diverse needs of your product catalog.

+ Apply with Customer Groups:
Enhance your customer segmentation strategy by applying discounts based on customer groups. This feature ensures that your promotions are targeted and relevant, creating a personalized shopping experience for different customer segments.

+ Enter Percentage of Discount:
Simplify the discount input process by entering a percentage value. The "Bulk Change Special Price" feature allows you to apply percentage-based discounts, making it easy to implement and communicate enticing offers to your customers.

+ Date Start and Date End of Discount:
Schedule your promotions with precision. Set the start and end dates for your discounts to align with specific campaigns or seasonal events, ensuring that your promotions run seamlessly according to your marketing calendar.

+ Percentage Discount or Fixed Amount Discount:
Enjoy flexibility in your discount strategy by choosing between a Percentage Discount or a Fixed Amount Discount that directly changes the main product price. This feature allows you to tailor promotions to the specific goals of your marketing initiatives.

In conclusion, "Bulk Change Special Price" is a dynamic solution for store owners seeking to streamline and enhance their discount management processes. With a comprehensive set of features, this tool empowers you to apply discounts with ease, precision, and adaptability, contributing to a more efficient and strategic approach to promotions. Elevate your sales initiatives and captivate your audience with the transformative capabilities of "Bulk Change Special Price".

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Great to see the makers of this great mod, keep up with OpenCart updates. Couldn't manage without this great mod!


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