Store admin - separate admin for each store

Store admin - separate admin for each store
For any multi store site, this is a must have extension.
With this extension it is possible to create separate administrator for each store.
This store admin can manage category, product, order, manufacturer, customer (from version 2.3) for his only.

Demo admin panel:
Admin username: admin
Password: admin

Store admin username: store1
Password: store1

How to install (version

  1. Upload "" from "Extension Installer".
  2. Go to "Extensions > Extensions" and choose the extension type "Modules".
  3. Install the module "Store admin".
  4. Refresh from "Extensions > Modifications" to re-generate cache.
  5. Refresh the page to see "Conflict" button.
  6. Click "Conflict" button in the upper right corner. If the error count of "Admin store" is showing 0 then the extension is ready for action. Otherwise please contact to email: to make it compatible with your site.

How to use:

  1. Create new store admin from "System > Users" and "Add New"
  2. When you select "Store admin" from "User Group" you will see a new field "Store" underneath it.
  3. Select the store which you want the user to administrate.
  4. Login using newly created credential.
  5. When you create new category you will not see list of stores. Instead required store will be automatically selected.
  6. Similarly when you create new product, required store will be automatically selected.
  7. You will see only those categories/products of your store.
  8. You can edit, delete accordingly.
  9. Similarly you will only see orders which are made from your store.

For any support contact

What customers say about Store admin - separate admin for each store

Super Plugin, Had the task of merging two large stores and having two separate admins, each working in different currencies and customer base etc. This is a great tool, easy to use and great support. Thanks Ataul. Well done.


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