FastOrder Form (quick order) - Заказ в один клик

FastOrder Form (quick order) - Заказ в один клик
Fastorder button and one click order form to OpenCart


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Order form in one click for OpenCart. After ordering comes a letter to the post office and the customer and the owner of the site. Mail the owner is taken from the site settings.

Starting with version 1.1.0 , you can set your own styles at fastorder.css file in the folder template "default"

Waiting for reviews and evaluations in order to know whether to continue work on the addition of

Just download the modifier and repackage the archive so that all files were in the root of the archive. And let the file name

Note: If you have problems with the display of text, you need to rename the folder english and russian in a folder under your language folder

System requirements
OpenCart version and above, PHP 5.4 and above , Bootstrap, JQuery


Форма заказа в один клик для OpenCart. После оформления заказа приходит письмо на почту и заказчику и владельцу сайта. Почта владельца берется из настроек сайта.

Начиная с версии 1.1.0 вы можете задавать собственные стили оформления в файле fastorder.css в шапке шаблона "default"

Жду отзывов и оценок, чтобы знать стоит ли продолжать работу над дополнением


Просто скачайте модификатор и перепакуйте архив так, чтобы все файлы лежали в корне архива. И дайте архиву имя

Внимание: Если возникают проблемы с отображением текста, то нужно переименовать папку english и russian в папке language в соответствии с вашими языковыми папками

Системные требования

OpenCart версии и выше, PHP 5.4 и выше, Bootstrap, JQuery

1.0.1: Bugfix: fix error in view subcategories ($price variable in catogory controller not found)

1.1.1: Add fastorder.css where you may set yours styles for the button and forms.
Fix mail filed caption in the mail message.
Modified language files.
Add send statistic about install to server, this is test stuff (This is small thanks to me)
Small rewrite, fix and code edit. More details on the github branch.

1.2.0: Full rewrite mail send method. It is now used to send mail OpenCart mail object.
Added: If Display stock is enable and out of stock is disbale and product quantity < 0 - do not show fastorder button.
Now mail Sender contain shop name.
Small code fix.

1.2.1: Full rewrite email template. Now it use beautiful styles, lile Bootstrap table.
Edit style for button in cotegory. (border-radius: 0, margin-bottom: 0 and padding 6px).
Added text shadow to button and modal form header.
Other styles edit.
Small fix in mail generator. Now it better optimized for Opencart under 2.2.0 version.
Now mail message use own templete (catalog/view/theme/default/template/mail/fastorder_mail_msg.tpl), where you can set your own beautifull message template and styles :)

1.2.2: Fix error $subject variable in mail template not found (found in log if errors is off)
Small styles edit

У меня нет времени читать комментарии здесь.

I do not have time to read the comments here .

1.3: Partially rewritten modifier core;
It works with the latest versions of ocStore !;
Fixed the cause clog up logs (product_id);
Fixed display of quotes in the title of the goods;
Removed the cancel button from the form, which makes it more compact.
Removed the inscription form of a cap on the use of the rules;
Ability to specify the number of ordered goods;
Added information on the number of ordered goods and recalculation of the total price in the postal letter template;
Now item in the letter as a link, now you quickly understand exactly what the customer ordered goods;
Mail client is now a link (mailto) letter in the mail;
Now the letters are sent as an additional e-mail addresses listed in the admin panel (System-> Settings-> Shop-> Pochta-> Advanced warning addresses);
Added information about the product (phone and e-mail) under the data for the order in the letter;
Price is now changing with the change of currency and translated at the exchange rate;
Now take into account the price discount;
Required fields are now just a phone;
Automatically fill in all form fields with data from the user account, if it has been authorized on the site;
Preparing a separate version, which will generate and add to your admin area. Alas, the version will be paid.
1.3.1: Fix SMTP mail send

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