Bestsellers + Specials + Latest by Category

Bestsellers + Specials + Latest by Category
This is a Bestsellers, Latest and Specials module filtered by the category that is currently being viewed or the category that a product is in if a product is being used.

If a product is in multiple categories the module will select the first category it finds and display the products in that catefory.

It falls back to the standard 'global' bestsellers,latest and specials if you are not looking at a category or product page.

All the clever stuff is done in the background, all you do is set the modules and the extension does the rest. It automatically scans for the category that the customer is looking at and selects products from that category to display.

If the module is placed on a Top category which has no products in it then it will get the products from the sub-categories and display thos instead. This update will work with ‘Top’ categories only. What it does:

  1. Gets the category id
  2. Tests the category id to see if it is a ‘Top’ category
  3. Does the standard query to get the products in the category and displays them (if there are any to display)
  4. If there are no products to display and the category is a ‘Top’ category then:
  5. Queries for child categories of the current top category
  6. Adds all the products in all the child categories
  7. Randomizes the product list
  8. Selects the first x products (where x is the limit set in the module)
  9. If there are no products to display from a subcategory and/or the category is not ‘Top’ then displays the default list.

Demo now availble here
Just work your way through the categories and you'll see it working.

This is completely seperate from the default bestsellers,specials and latest modules and the fallback to the global bestsellers, special and latest products uses its own cache so that you can set a different limit on this module and it won't affect the display of the standard module.

It's also been made as a seperate module so that it can be easily modified to fit your theme without disturbing any other modules.

No file modifications required - just upload and go.

Upto OC 2.3.x Requires vQmod
OC 3.x install using the extension installer.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


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