Display filter names and values on product page for OC 2 (VqMod)

Display filter names and values on product page for OC 2 (VqMod)
This module will display filter names and their values assigned to product on product page.

Why do you need it?
Sometimes when you have to submit a lot of products it's much easier to use filters instead of attributes or options like color, condition of goods etc.
Afterwards when customer filters products in frontend, everything works fine, until you open a product page, you don't see filters and it's values, unlike attributes and options, and it's frustrating.
This module will help you to show filters and values on product page

Some styling added, so you can display it as you like.

The module was tested on OpenCart from 2.0 to 2.2 with default themes.
May not work on highly modificated themes, in this issue, please, contact me.

You need an vqmod extension to install this plugin. You can get it here


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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8 May 2016

8 May 2016
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