Remove "model" from front and back end

Remove "model" from front and back end
This extension will remove all "model / product code" sections from front and back end of your Opencart store.

- Removed "Model" from admin data tab when adding or editing products
- Removed "Model" filter box on admin product list and re positioned "Quantity" box to suit
- Removed "Model" column from admin product list
- Removed "Model" from confirm order section on checkout page
- Removed "Model" from order emails
- Removed "Model" from order invoices
- Removed "Product code" from product pages

Pictures above show what links have been removed and from where. Handy extension if you do not require model/product codes

Tested on default and custom themes for Opencart & (Please note: Some custom themes may require small adjustments to extension code which I am happy to do if need be) FREE support and installation provided if requested.

VQMod version will only work if VQMod has previously been installed. If this is not installed use OCMod version instead.

Please remember to vote and/or comment on this extension. The comments section below is for suggestions, comments, reviews and questions. If you require support please email


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4 Jun 2016

4 Jun 2016
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