Stripe Pro for OpenCart

Stripe Pro for OpenCart
This OpenCart extension allows you to accept credit cards directly on your site through your account. The extension provides seamless checkout flow - users enter their credit card details during the checkout process and never leave your site, resulting in a better experience for the user, and more successful conversions for you.

Main Features

  • PCI compliance - the extension implements all the security measures recommended by Stripe: card data tokenization and putting into the sandbox the input fields which handles sensitive data.
  • Synchronization and deep integration with Stripe - all changes to a charge at OpenCart affect Stripe account and vise versa.
  • Embedded/pop-up payment form - you can select between the embedded payment form and pop-up payment form.
  • Payment form customization - payment form can be customized to fit into the design of your store.
  • Bitcoin support..
  • Alipay support (including non US residents).
  • iDEAL support..
  • Bancontact support..
  • Giropay support..
  • SOFORT support..
  • 3D Secure.
  • Option to "remember" payment card for further use - the customer has an option to save payment card in your Stripe account and then operate with the token of this card instead of card's data itself, which will increase the safety and usability of payment transactions.
  • Option to set additional password for saved cards which makes impossible for anyone other than the customer to make payment by a saved card
  • The "Pay in one click" button - customers can make an order in one click from a product page, bypassing checkout flow.
  • Recurring payments support - charge the cards of your customers on the regular basis. The extension has additional options to customize subscription:
    - on the subscription creation time an additional order can be created for the product itself and not the subscription associated with it;
    - the extension uses coupons and vouchers from an OpenCart store, so they can be shared among other customers;
    - you can select what order's total lines to include to recurring charge;
    - you can allow customer to cancel the subscription;
    - you can set URLs to which requests will be sent on subscription creation and cancellation, so you can automate customer's account creation and the like.
  • Support of multiple Stripe accounts - the option to link several Stripe accounts, with different currencies, to one OpenCart store - depending on an order's currency the extension will select the appropriate account.
  • Support - request support right from admin panel of the extension to get fast and high-quality support.
  • OCMod/VQMod support - the extension works on both OCMod and VQMod systems.
  • Quick / one page checkout extensions support
  • Journal 2 theme support.
  • Option to customize front-end labels - multi-language is supported

Customers' reviews

By far the best Stripe extension with ultimate control of the Stripe Payment Gateway. Also, a great developer who responds quickly and is very helpful. Highly recommend this extension!!!

Good Plugin, I've been using it successfully for a few months now

Fantastic Module - Developer resolved my issue within a couple of hours of purchasing the module :)

I recommend this extension for stripe users. I have installed incorrectly (my bad) but Max helped and sorted out in an hour. Amazing support.

Eyup Baydemir
Great extension, great support. Greatly simplifies the work with my account


  • Account at
  • SSL sertificate (not needed for test payments)
  • PHP 5.4 and higher
  • PHP CURL extension
  • PHP mbstring extension

Buy direct from our store and get free support

Online user manual can be found here

    Test server

    Test payment card number: 4242 4242 4242, expiration date: any date in the future, CVV code: any 3-4 numbers

Full list of test cards

If you have any questions leave comment or email me (

What customers say about Stripe Pro for OpenCart
This is not a quick purchase and use. Way too red tape in that you have to wait until someone tells you that you need to be approved first. Then you have to submit for approval. Then you have to wait for someone to approve you. It's rather a pain.
By far the best Stripe extension with ultimate control of the Stripe Payment Gateway. Also, a great developer who responds quickly and is very helpful. Highly recommend this extension!!!


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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