Admin long login - token in cookie

Admin long login - token in cookie
This module will make you never logout from the admin dashboard, unless you click on the [b]logout button.[/b]

  • Nothing worse than typing in all the info for a product or category only to be logged out when you click save. This extension fixes this!
  • Lot of free modules promise "admin stay logged in", however, these modules only just inject a javascript code that makes "heartbeat" AJAX request to keep the session on.
  • The problem is that, if you close the browser, or if you open the admin dashboard without the token in the URL, or with an old token in the URL, then you will find yourself logged out.
  • Unlike other modules that promise "admin stay logged in", this module will make the default opencart token (that is in the URL normally) in the cookie and increases the lifespan of the cookie.

With this extension, you are now sure to stay logged in whatever you type in the URL like:
  • No token at all:
  • Any token:

This is the last time you will see the login screen on your dashboard ;) unless you log out manually.



Demo Opencart 2

Documentation and Changelog are available in the download.
Please read carefully the readme file provided in the package and follow the steps described in that file.
If you don't want to install the extension yourself, please contact the support and it will be installed for you for $20.


For any question, bug, feature request or installation query, contact:


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Fantastic extension for those who often work in admin! Excellent fast assistance Recommended
Very helpful support.


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